How to participate in our IDO

MultiversePad IDOs happen on BSC network and are usually funded by BUSD. Read more about how to set it up in Metamask. MultiversePad uses a Levels system to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to.

Participating in the IDO

You will need to CONTRIBUTE, APPROVE, and then CONFIRM THE PURCHASE - only then it means you purchased the tokens.
Before the sale start you will be able to see if you won the whitelist competition.

Step 1: Fill the Amount & Click Contribute

**If the input box not showing up please refresh **After clicking CONTRIBUTE wait Metamask to pop-up for BUSD approval
Step 2: Approve & Confirm BUSD in Metamask

Step 3: Confirm Your Purchase in Metamask

Step 4: Wait Metamask popup the confirm transaction
**You already success participate the IDO **Your purchase token will be show up in "Pool Share" Section
Make sure to buy your allocation before the FCFS round of the IDO as you are no more guaranteed to buy your allocation at that point of the sale.
DO NOT send BUSD directly to the IDO contract. The contract won't accept it. ALWAYS use the buy form.
If you did it and want the refund, we will take a fee equal to 30% of the amount due to the required manual work.